Corporate wellbeing

Making mental health business as usual.

Emotional Assistance and Well-Being Provisions For Organisations

Clinical Expertise from psychologists and medical doctors providing one-to-one onsite and offsite therapeutic supports for organisations. Help is provided through face-to-face, online or via the phone 24/7 365 days per year with our team members dedicated specifically to your company.

Positive Occupational Well-Being Resource (POWR)

POWR is an online assessment and therapeutic solution to enhance everyone’s Emotional Well-Being. Employees receive bespoke Behaviour Management Plans and consistent encouragement to improve nutrition, exercise and psychology. The tailored result is confidential personal and professional development, helping the individual and benefiting the organisation they work for.

Emotional Well-Being (EWB)

Emotional Wellbeing is improved with the help of our team of clinical, counselling and forensic psychologists, medical doctors and clinical administrative support staff. We cater for one-to-one therapeutic intervention, group support and educational assessment.


Our insights from working with many diverse large and small organisations from various sectors have provided insight about training including: Dealing with Sensitive Material; Bad Mood vs Bad Mental Health; Managing Distress within teams; Improving Interpersonal Communication, Resolving Conflict and Promoting Emotional Intelligence amongst many other training programs.


The Imagine Health team provides comment to broadcast and publication media. The aim is to promote the public’s understanding of how psychology plays a role in our everyday lives using clear and accurate language.

We already work with some of the world’s largest global corporations, and as well as providing one-to-one mental health therapy for thousands of employees, we have also enabled these businesses to understand what is needed to help their team’s wellbeing.

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