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Top Tips to Increasing your Self-awareness

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Self-awareness involves understanding our needs, failings, desires, habits, and all the other things that make us who we are. 

Self-awareness can help us improve our well-being. Greater self-awareness can help you become healthier, mentally and physically.  

Without self-awareness you might unknowingly retain bad habits even with the best intentions to improve your well-being.


Be completely honest with yourself about how your daily choices impact your health and well-being. Without judging your responses make a short list of ‘healthy habits’ (those that support your physical and mental health) and ‘unhealthy habits’ (things that don’t help you feel better about yourself). When your choices are written in black and white, you can easily identify the habits you want to change.

Calm your Mind

One of the fastest ways to achieve increased levels of self-awareness is to begin a regular practice of meditation. Focusing on the now will block out unnecessary internal noise that may affect your ability to really focus on yourself.


Take a moment each day to check in with yourself. Evaluate key life areas and ask yourself, are there any areas of your life that are out of balance?

  1. Self-care
  2. Health
  3. Time out for hobbies and fun
  4. Personal development
  5. Diet and exercise


Use your sense of self-awareness to identify the activities that make you happy and create more time to do them. Give yourself permission to spend time to read a book, travel, visit family and friends.

What we eat can have a massive effect on our well-being. Read more on how making healthier food choices can impact your mental health.